SRE Manager by day, parenting podcaster by night, author of a comedy-fantasy series called ‘Filthy Henry’ by twilight — Trust me, I always lie.
Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Recently I was catching up with a friend who had changed jobs a few months prior. They were telling me that they were enjoying the work, the company and the people but were having some issues with how their manager communicated.

I listened to them describe a few scenarios, seeing…

The inside of an SRE’s mind during an incident

It’s 3AM and <insert name of alert app> has woken you up from the deepest of sleeps. You’re on-call, this is the curse of the job. Through bleary eyes you try and read the alert on your phone to see what catastrophe has gotten through all your high availability, self-heal…

Derek Power

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